JavaScript Programming Language, Learn The Fundamentals Completely From Scratch

Learn The Fundamentals Of The JavaScript Programming Language Completely From Scratch
Learn The Fundamentals Of The JavaScript Programming Language Completely From Scratch

What you’ll learn

  • Work In JavaScript Confidently
  • Have a Strong Understanding Of The Foundamentals
  • Work With Variables and Strings
  • Work With Numbers
  • How To Use Conditional Statements
  • How To Use Create Your Very Own Functions
  • Work With Loops
  • Use Arrays To Store Information
  • Use JQuery To Begin Dynamically Adding Changes To Your Webpages


  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn About JavaScript Can Enroll In This Course!

JavaScript For Beginners

This course is a step by step guide that will take your hand and guide you through the absolute basics and show you everything you need to learn in order to get started with JavaScript. I’ve put a lot of effort into this course to make sure that the videos are recorded in high quality, the audio is clear, and the lessons are engaging and informative.


What You Will Be Learning In This Course

In this course you will be learning everything that a beginner JavaScript developer needs to know in order to progress at a rapid pace and work within the language with confidence and consistency. Let’s go over what we will be covering in the different sections of this course:

  1. JavaScript Basics – In the first module you will be learning the very basics of JavaScript. Syntax, basic keywords and creating your very first program will be covered here. You will also get an introductory to the JavaScript console which can be very effective for debugging your programs. So, this course is basically JavaScript for Beginners.
  2. Variables – In module number 2 you will be learning all about variables and strings. At the end of module 2 you will have a basic project to build as well as a quiz that will test you on everything you have learned so far.
  3. Numbers – Numbers can be effective for doing basic and advanced math calculations. In this module you will learn how to generate random numbers and do very basic math functions in JavaScript.
  4. Conditional Statements – Now it’s time to start adding more flexibility to your programs. In this module you will learn how conditional statements can really add a new layer of depth to your programs. The final project for this module will be to build a interactive math quiz.
  5. Functions – Functions can be used to create reusable code and make our lives as Developers a heck of a lot easier. In this module you will learn about the basic different types of functions you can create. The final project will have you building your own function.
  6. Loops – Loops are used to repeat certain actions over and over again. In this module you will learn about the different types of loops there are in JavaScript. Your final project will touch upon our quiz program we created earlier and make it even more advanced!
  7. Arrays – Arrays are used to store information in an easier way. You will be learning about the different types of arrays in this module.

JavaScript course is for:

  • Anyone Interested In Learning About JavaScript Should Take This Course

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